Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Tetra Transforms Breakable Foil of Wood Into Flexible Materials

TETRA is a new ecological product that transforms a thin and breakable foil of wood into incredible strong and flexible materials, without modifying the complexity and the sense of touch of its nature. Table is one of the best example to have a real experience with the new material. The rounded shape is a good geometrical concept to break the ordinary and to use the flexible applications of TETRA. TETRA is Gualeni way to introduce the products and to invite everyone to think outside the box and to be extraordinary.

Daniele loves the sense of touch of these materials, the possibility to flex it and to use it to break the concept of planar surface (especially when we think about wood or a mirror we think about a rigid plane). The structure of TETRA is realized in rotational molding process, 100% LDPP. TETRA is easy to re-cycle, you have less than the 0.5% of the product in different materials. The film on the TOP is 100% ecologically friendly, easily removed and to be re-used. Obviously, TETRA is still looking out for a producer.

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