Sabtu, 19 Maret 2011

VFV – Very Funny Vehic

The VFV super car is a great concept for the future, funny name though, VFV stands for Very Funny Vehicle. Great design, superb compatibility and stylish looks make it a super model and is guaranteed to give a tough competition to all the concept cars.

Coming to the safety, you don’t have to worry, it has all what it needs. A solid tubular skeleton, a well balanced engine, armor at the crashes at the side windows and an electric motor that prevents collision. Cheerful, safe, economic environmental friendly, surely the VFV will not let you indifferent…Although small, the VFV combines an attractive design with wide glass surfaces, being therefore extremely less claustrophobic, joyful and sportive. It also consists of parking sensors, airbags, ESC, presenting you with an excellent solution for everyone who cares about the car-city interaction.
A perfect look for a sports lover.

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